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What is Pass Plus?

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Pass Plus

Once you’ve passed both parts of the driving test you’re legally allowed to drive on the road unsupervised, but despite having all the necessary skills you probably still haven’t had much driving experience, and you might feel a bit nervous

The Pass Plus scheme was designed by the DVSA to help improve the skills and boost the confidence of novice drivers.

We don’t want to scare you, but it is a fact that you’re more likely to have a crash in your first two years of driving than at any other time in your driving career.

That’s where Pass Plus comes in. You can join the Pass Plus scheme at MINT, and enjoy additional structured tuition aimed at improving your skills, increasing your confidence, and giving you good driving experience.

Even insurance companies recognise the value of Pass Plus –some offer substantial discounts to Pass Plus graduates.

The course covers six modules, and there is no test at the end!

If you’re considering the course then either have a chat with your MINT Instructor, call 0800 0141 679, or contact us here

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