Part 2

The ADI Part 2 Test is a test of your driving ability. You’ll need to show a high level of competency by driving safely within different road and traffic conditions, and your driving will demonstrate your excellent knowledge of The Highway Code

You’ll be asked 5 vehicle safety questions (Show Me/Tell Me). Three of the “Tell Me” questions will be asked before you start driving, and two “Show Me” questions will be asked whilst on the move.

You’ll demonstrate the following skills:

Expert handling of controls

Use of correct road procedure

Anticipation of the actions of other road users and then taking appropriate action

Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing

Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users

Driving in a environmentally friendly manner

You’ll take to various road and traffic conditions that will include motorways or dual carriageways where possible, and you may be asked to carry out an Emergency Stop.

You’ll do two manoeuvres from the following:

Parallel Park

Bay Park – either by driving in and reversing out, or reversing into a bay and driving out

Pull up on the right hand side of the road, then reverse two car lengths, and drive on to rejoin the traffic

You will have to drive independently for roughly 20 minutes by either following directions from a sat nav or following traffic signs set out by the Examiner.

You’ll pass your ADI part 2 test if you make no more than 6 driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults.

If you fail, you have two more attempts at this test before having to start the process again, of which you will have to wait two years from when you first passed the ADI part 1 test before you can re-take.

Once you pass your ADI part 2 it’s on to the ADI part 3 test.

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