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Over the next few weeks we’re throwing the spotlight on to our team of MINT Driving Instructors.

This week, we caught up with our automatic Instructor Dave who is based in Chesterfield.

Let us introduce ourselves

About Dave

Hi, I’m Dave and I teach automatic driving lessons in Chesterfield in. I love teaching automatics in Chesterfield because I get to work with people who may have thought driving was not a skill for them after struggling to get to grips with a manual transmission car.

I went to Sheffield Hallam University and got a degree in Film Production.

Shortly after graduating I decided to take up a career as a Driving Instructor as I’ve always had a passion for cars and driving, so I thought this would be the perfect fit for me.

I’ve been teaching for over 11 years and I love the challenge of teaching people who may have previously been told they’d never be able to drive. To see them grow in confidence and ability, then pass their test gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction.

I especially remember a lady a few years ago who suffered from such chronic M.E, that her first lesson was roughly twenty five minutes long. Over time we built it up so she could drive for two hours straight perfectly and passed her test first time.

There was also another lady who decided to take automatic lessons with me in Chesterfield because she was terrified of driving and thought the only way she could do it was by eliminating the clutch and gears.

The first lesson was two hours long and we spent the first 90 minutes sat on a park bench at the nursery route talking. She was terrified at the thought of getting behind the wheel and wouldn’t get in the car. Nine months later she passed!

My favourite lesson subject is country road driving.

So if you have tried a manual gearbox and felt like it wasn’t for you, or want to have just an automatic licence, then I can help you achieve you goal of gaining an automatic licence in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

To find out how to get started call 0800 0141 679 or contact us here  

Dave, Mint Driving School Chesterfield

Where we are…

MINT is a Midlands based driving school. We take learners from Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Sheffield and Burton upon Trent, along with all of the surrounding towns and villages. To find out if we cover the area where you live, contact us

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