Part 3

The ADI part 3 test is a test of your instructional ability

A DVSA Examiner will assess you giving a one hour client centred driving lesson to a pupil.

They’ll be looking for you to show them that you are able to meet the national standard for driver training.

The pupil you take can either be a learner or a full licence holder. However, it can’t be your MINT Trainer, any other current ADI, or someone else who is preparing to take the ADI part 3 test.

The assessment will consist of 3 categories:

Lesson planning

Risk management

Teaching and learning strategies

The Examiner will score you from 0-3 for each of the 17 competencies that are within the categories to work out whether you have passed the test and to ascertain your grade.

0-30 – Fail – you will have shown an unsatisfactory performance and won’t be able to join the ADI register

31-42 – Grade B – congratulations, you’ve passed and will be able to join the ADI register

43-51 – Grade A – congratulations, you’ve shown a high standard of instruction and will be able to join the ADI register

You will fail if you score 7 or less in the risk management category, and if the Examiner stops the lesson because you’ve put yourself or someone else in danger.

When you pass you can apply for your first ADI badge, and discuss joining MINT as a fully fledged ADI!

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